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Aar Kay's Adventures

With 35 years of rich experience in Electronic Media, we embarked on a new adventurous journey to explore the known and unknown world through our new YouTube channel AAR KAY’S ADVENTURES.

The advancement of the most convenient transportation options in a rapidly changing world has made Traveling across continents a cakewalk. You have the information of any tourist destination at your fingertips. Instantly, you can book hotel rooms and flight tickets etc. across continents. Today, planning and realizing your dream holiday has never been so easy. 

In our first ever series, we chose TELANGANA state as it is a rich trove of heritage, history, culture, art, cuisine, wildlife and nature. Not to miss on this, our channel proposes to showcase a series of episodes that will highlight various tourist destinations of our state under various themes, namely RELIGION – Temples, Churches and other religious places; HISTORY - forts and monuments; NATURE - rivers, lakes and waterfalls; FLORA AND FAUNA – Wildlife Sanctuaries, Zoo Parks, Tiger Reserves and other animal sanctuaries; SPIRITUAL – Meditation Centers; HEALTH – Spas and Gyms; ENTERTAINMENT – Amusement Parks, Theme Parks and Malls; HOSPITALITY – Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Eateries & Exotic Bars; ECO-TOURISM – Pre-Historic sites, Trekking, Cycling in the nature trails, Rappelling, Bird Watching, Night Camping etc.

We have started on a journey to create video content that will aptly showcase various aspects. We welcome you to join us in this journey.

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YouTube Channel Launch

S1 : E1 | Ramappa Temple/ Ramappa Lake | Discover Telangana

01st Jan. 2022 is a very important day for us at Aar Kay's Adventures since our Channel was launched by Hon'ble Union Minister of Tourism Sri. G. Kishan Reddy Garu. We are highly indebted to him for doing the honours.

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